For Your Consideration 

Independent Music Awards


Okay today is officially IMA VOTING SEASON! For me personally, I am both honored and humbled to sit among such a prestigious body of artists, that I truly admire and love. My offering in the IMA pre-nomination season is my single titled NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT! The album will follow late Spring. The category I am submitting in is – BEST R&B/SOUL. In the meanwhile, I humbly ask of you to take a listen to my submission – NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT! It is a high energy, dance driven track that I wrote with my husband KAMAU SEITU who also produced it. Music being a universal language can speak volumes to the broken heart and mend the cracks of disaster with the light of hope. NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT is intended to be a light in a dark place and bring hope, encouragement and inspiration to all who need a helping hand in times of trouble. A mantra – “Never give up your hope…someone will hand a rope! Hold on… and on… and on…and on… and on! Thank you for your support!