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For Your Consideration

MY intention:


The power of LOVE is beyond words... Beyond race...Beyond religion. It melts the differences away like a flood of light in the darkness. It makes the soul surrender to the intent of the heart to truly give, without a notion of receiving anything but, the satisfaction of seeing another's heart moved by the action of the gift. The Covid-19 pandemic crisis was a great teacher. It had no boundaries. It affected anyone, and at any time. No one goes unscathed. Every family has battle scars. The common denominator, is we all understand what pain feels like, looks like, and is like, up-close and personal. My mission is to bring light to a dark situation as best as I can. My soul cried out! I can do something! I want to bring a little joy and happiness through the power of my words and song. I wanna lift people up! I wanna make people smile. I know that love and hope always overcomes sorrow. Strike a match in a dark tunnel and see what happens… Light breaks the darkness and love brings comfort to those who are weary and tired. LIFT YOU UP was born to bring a moment of happiness in a dire situation


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