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For Your Consideration



Okay today is officially GRAMMY VOTING SEASON! We as musicians, artists, producers, arrangers, engineers etc have all worked diligently to present the very best expression of our musical talents. We have all dug down deep to birth an intangible idea of sound and words into a beautiful creative blessing that moves the heart and soul. We all share our musical offerings in this season with our global community and our NARAS family. For me personally, I am both honored and humbled to sit amongst such a prestigious body of artists, that I truly admire and love. My offering in this 61st GRAMMY season is in the form of a single titled NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT! The album will follow early next year. The category I am submitting in is – BEST R & B SONG and BEST R & B PERFORMANCE (SINGLE). In the meanwhile, I humbly ask of you to take a listen to my submission – NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT!  I am switching gears on this track. It is a high energy, dance driven track that I wrote with my husband KAMAU SEITU who also produced it. Music being a universal language can speak volumes to the broken heart and mend the cracks of disaster with the light of hope. NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT is intended to be a light in a dark place and bring hope, encouragement and inspiration to all who need a helping hand in times of trouble. A mantra – “Never give up your hope…someone will hand a rope! Hold on… and on… and on…and on… and on!