""GRAMMY WINNER ARTIST PRODUCER- WOUTER KELLERMAN (WINDS OF SAMSARA) says: "I’m loving Dorie Pride’s ‘Love Will Find a Way’ - her angelic voice caresses every note and lyric with mastery. She is a splendid lyricist, songs with a strong message captivating vocals make you wish you were watching her live - she has a rare gift of painting pictures that capture the listener in a way that is up front and personal"

GRAMMY WINNER PRODUCER RICKY KEJ (WINDS OF SAMSARA) says: "Fantastic variety very versatile voice!! Loved every one of the 10 songs. The words on She never Asks is beautiful.. .. Just lovely great musicianship and composition. Dorie Pride's voice is amazing, and that’s what makes this album so unique. Very engaging, and very personal. I feel everything that she is singing. Love this album and hope to hear more from Dorie!"

GRAMMY WINNING (GHOSTBUSTERS) RECORDING ARTIST/MUSICAN and PRODUCER RAY PARKER.JR. says: "Her music is a reflction of her personality and should be taken seriously, someone to watch in the future as I am sure she'll surprise the world!!! Talent unlimited! Sexy too! She rocks!


Singer/songwriter/musician DORIE PRIDE is a purple sheep that walks to the beat of her own drum. She thinks outside the box and is exuberant about life! “I am very comfortable in my own skin and live by the cardinal rule of the heart LOVE.  I am very committed to living a life that fulfills my purpose on planet earth. That purpose is making great music that stirs the heart and provokes thoughts that challenge people's consciousness and wake them up. I write music on my guitar and sing words that entice, invite and open unconscious eyes to see the bigger purpose of our lives; through my words and music. I am very confident that I am on track with my mission. 

Dorie Pride is a gifted poetess who spreads seeds of LIGHT through her music. She draws upon her Native American and African roots compelling her to use her voice to bring attention to mother earth. Through her prolific timely observations on the human condition, she brings awareness to the global warming crisis and the ever growing lack of compassion. Dorie weaves thought provoking stories on our social tapestry beckoning humanity to pause and listen to the silent cries of the desolate. While being heavily influenced by THE BEATLES (evident on songs from her debut CD – ‘LIFE’S JUST A COLOR TV!’ such as ‘REVOLUTION’, ‘CRY’ and ‘DAY IN THE LIFE’) Dorie has a unique style which is a diverse and eclectic blend of pop jazz, folk, soul. Dorie grew up in the Motor City where Motown ruled in strong commercial Pop/ R&B music and Jazz. “My musical pallet is very wide. I embrace and love everything from Motown to The Beatles, (together and separately), The Stones, Billy Holiday, Miles Davis to Prince, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder to Louis Armstrong, Nina Simon to Earth Wind and Fire. Then there was Ray Charles… He graced my ears from birth. My mother worshipped him. As far as females go… I got into Joni Mitchell. I love the way she writes songs and plays her guitar. Billy Holiday, Annie Lennox and Nina Simone captured my attention because they all had such cool, different sounding voices. They were lone wolves unique, hip… very appealing to me. 


Her sophomore album LOVE WILL FIND A WAY opens a door that will lead the listener into realms of thought provoking stories taken straight from the pages of life. “I started on my musical journey as a kid in Detroit, playing around with a cheap folk guitar I got for Christmas one year. My neighbor Ray Parker Jr. taught me how to play 3 open chords. My hands and fingers hurt so much; I couldn’t get past the pain and I eventually put the guitar down for quite a while, but lyrics came very quickly, while playing the guitar was much more challenging. Thus began the process of honing my song writing skills. When I picked up the guitar again many years later in my very early 20’s I met Grammy Nominated Songwriter Kamau Seitu in LA and began writing songs with him. He taught me how to play guitar, use my ear and trust myself. He’s a great teacher! “Push through the pain and practice every day and you will one day be very good,” He said. When I picked up my guitar it brought such a sense of wholeness to my songwriting because I could be more exact in what I wanted to communicate. Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Johnny Mathis, The Spinners, Cheryl Lynn, Michael Henderson are just a few of the illustrious artists Dorie and Kamau have pen songs for.

PRIDE’S sophomore album, ‘LOVE WILL FIND A WAY’ is brilliantly produced and arranged by KAMAU SEITU unfolding stories that cast light and shadows on the collective soul. ‘SHE NEVER ASKS’ puts a face on homelessness in a stark, moving story woven from the tapestry of her life involving two contrasting women… one who lost her way, while the other was the muse. It is only one example of the many proud, homeless people who wander throughout life with a story that no one cares to know.” With an androgynous, smoky voice reminiscent of JONI MITCHELL, Dorie twists and flows into a hauntingly, captivating contralto voice that awakens memories of the late great NINA SIMONE. Mike Tarpley’s soulful tenor sax paints colors of jagged blue while Edsel Robinson’s hauntingly beautiful keyboards uncover a childhood memory that lingers still. With a passionate guitar solo from KAMAU SEITU, Dorie continues to weave thought provoking stories on our social tapestry.


As the ancestors lead her on a mission to bring light, love and healing to the planet, it takes compassion and understanding to begin to heal and for Dorie that mission is accomplished through her words and music. LIFE’S JUST A COLOR TV and LOVE WILL FIND A WAY are both available on iTunes, Amazon CD BABY. Dorie Pride was voted INDIE MUSIC CHANNEL TOP NEW ARTIST and LEE BAILEY’S EUR Web FEATURED NEW ARTIST! 

Dorie Pride:: Featured Artist on Indie Music Channel

August 2012

As the Indie Music Channel begins the 2nd phase of its mission to support and promote some of the outstanding independent talent that is out here in the world, I'm pleased to let you know that, among the nearly 9,000 artists on the IMC,  I have placed a special "Indie Music Channel Top New Artist" badge on your profile photo on your Indie Music Channel page because of your exceptional music and talent.  I started the Indie Music Channel a little over a year ago just for artists like you in an effort to help promote independent singers and bands who stand out for their exceptional talent.  I'm proud to let you know that you are one of those artists!

Congratulations and keep up the great music!

Dorie Pride’s Music & Life Is A Color TV

June 2, 2012

By: Radioscope


*EURweb takes pleasure in introducing to the world, singer/songwriter/musician/designer Dorie Pride. We could use many words to describe why she has made our Black Music Month artist spotlight, but Grammy Award winner Ray Parker, Jr. says it best.

Dorie is a genius who has in the past inspired many of my own recordings! Absolutely no one has more positivity and a more positive outlook than her. Her music is a reflection of her personality and should be taken seriously. Someone to watch in the future as I’m sure she’ll surprise the world!! Talent unlimited! Sexy too! SHE ROCKS!!!!”  ~Ray Parker Jr.

For African American Music Appreciation Month, we invite you to rock Dorie’s world by ordering her products, downloading her album “Life Is Just A Color TV,” and welcoming her into the future music stars of the world! www.DoriePride.com. Dorie & her husband (co-writer & producer) Kamau Seitu are destined for greatness.

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