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Pennies In A Jar - DORIE PRIDE
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I have been called to be a servant and voice for children in need. Through music I accomplish this mission. I speak to your heart today. I am compelled to reach through words and capture your attention to help assist in my mission to reach out to thirsty...needy...hungry...dying children. I pray that my intention to bring focus to a worthy cause will be honored with an open and receptive heart.


PENNIES IN A JAR began with visual images of starving children crying and dying of thirst because they had no water or food.... All the little dirty faces coming through the camera lens of the FEED THE CHILDREN & WATER FOR LIFE programs provoked my spirit to do something! Children dying of thirst and hunger abroad and right here in America! I could not walk away saying "Oh! That is so sad but what can I do? It's too big of a problem for me to even think about! I tried to put it out of my mind but I just couldn't! Days and weeks went by when suddenly I had a great revelation! Pennies? Yes, pennies! Everybody has pennies! I don't care how impoverished one might be we are all- capable of generating at least a penny. One penny turns into a dime turns into a quarter and before you know it...One dollar! The energy in a penny has the capacity to make a huge difference when a collective effort is made.


My heart's desire has always been to help create a sharing, caring, loving environment for all children. It is important that they are allowed to feel that they are participating, rolling up their sleeves and getting directly involved in making changes in the world.

I have penned a song entitled Pennies In A Jar, a portion of the royalty will go directly to Water For Life charity organization. Just by tossing their spare pennies in a jar they will help feed hungry children who might live right next door or in a foreign land receive nourishment and clean water. Every child deserves to have clean water and food to eat! Children have a huge capacity to give. They are pure hearted and love to help others. Won't you open your heart today and allow your children the opportunity to be a light in the world!

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