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I am a Spiritual Warrior of Peace. An Ambassador of Light. My contribution to the planet is to inspire, bring light, love, and hope to an unconscious world through my words and music. Each day I live and breathe I am aware that I have been given a divine purpose. Every morning I am very conscious that I did not have to be here yet, God granted me another day. “How may I serve you, Lord?”  I know that I am not here to just exist taking up space. I was put here to serve. I heard Spirit whisper in my soul...


 Sippin' Tea with Dorie P

This will be a LIVE interactive virtual walking meditation in part, designed to unpack issues stemming from fear in the initial workshop. Learn how to face daily challenges, worry, life's uncertainty, and take control of your fears, through understanding your mindset. This is the key to overcoming fear. Learn how to shift from chaos to order by overcoming the chattering monkeys that taunt our minds, attacking our confidence, constantly whispering defeat. 

Join me in a 4 Week 1-hour workshop dealing with: FEAR, FAITH, TRUST, BELIEF.

Each weekly workshop provides tools to find light, grace, and wisdom to handle emotional unconscious behavior.

 Open the window to Hope… Joy... Love... Happiness.

Sippin' Tea with Dorie P


1 Workshop Session - $35

4 Workshop Sessions - $120

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