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When the light goes out and you stand inside the darkness in your mind, what do you see? When the dream train stops, but you are not at your destination, what do you do? When time ticks so loudly it hurts your ears. what does your heart say? In moments like these, we are faced with what we truly believe is possible based on what we see in the sensory realm. Do you count the cost of time and give up, OR dig in deeper and press forward? I choose to press past the voices that haunt and provoke my soul to listen to defeat and kill my dream one brick at a time because I truly believe what's in the secret chamber of my heart. Looking inside I see that as long as I can see light, it will always overshadow darkness. I know that everything that was made was created from that which cannot be seen. So, why fear the darkness and give in to fear of no hope and defeat? Is this the end of a dream? NO! For me, it is the dark place that springs forth the greatest light.  


Excerpt from my book- SPIRIT TALK... SOUL WALK

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